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Dan Felstead was chosen as one of 14 Indiana Photographers to participate in the upcoming traveling exhibit for the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. His photograph of the the Old Courthouse will be on exhibit from April to December of 2010 throughout the state. The exhibit will be on display in Evansville at the Library in November

Brooke Grace Photography Show

Brooke Grace is exhibiting at The Women's Institute And gallery February12 through March 28. There will be an artist reception February 13 (4pm - 7pm). The gallery address is 916 E Granary St, New Harmony Indiana 47631.

IVTC Photo classes

Greetings to you all,
Let me first introduce myself. I am Tracy Robb and I teach photography at Ivy Tech. We are currently offering classes in Studio Lighting, Intermediate, Portraiture, Fine Art and Digital Color photography as well as web design/multimedia. These classes start The week of August 24th. Enrollment deadlines are quickly approaching however and due to budget cuts we are cutting classes early, as in next week! I don't usually do this but we are offering these without the pre-requisites to enthusiast with previous photography experience. You may want to brush up on skills or have often though about taking a workshop but the prices are too high. The cost of our classes is approximately $300 and they meet once a week for 16 weeks. (Much more involved than most workshops!) If you would like to sign up you can go through the application process online at Or in person by coming in to the school at 3501 First Ave. Evansville campus, admissions office. If you would have problems getting into classes due to pre-requisites please call Lisa Mueller at 812-429-9853 to set up an appointment with me or Joe Hostetler the program chair.
All of these classes require some previous photography experience and a digital SLR. Other supplies will be discussed the first day of class. For the Fine art and Intermediate classes a digital camera is not required as you have the option of using film or digital for the more fine art processes.
We look forward to hearing from you! Please apply by early next week to ensure your placement in a class. Please tell a friend!

Thank you,
Tracy Robb
812-429-1461 (my direct line)

Don't forget to upload some of your images on the FACC Flikr page. You may find it here:

Recent Photo Treks Reports, (What have you been doing?)

January 17th, Toni Vessels reports that she Just got back from Alton, Il where she got some good shots of Eagles and couple good ones of blue herons.

Evansville Photo Scene

The Early Evansville Photographer web site has been updated and may now be found at

Check it out and if you are not included send me your info at

Can't open RAW files, Question from the January meeting

From Bll Thompson regarding the problem of opening RAW files. , I just got off the phone with Nikon and they tod me that they do have a compatibly problem with RAW file transfers and specifically mentioned Windows 7 which I am using. They're supposed to have a fix on their web site on Fri the 15th which should correct my problem. Why they did not tell me this two weeks ago I don't understand because they told me then I should not have any problems downloading RAW files.

the fix will not be available until the end of January or early February rather than the middle of January as previously stated by Nikon Technical Support representatives. Only time will tell, since I received three different answers from three different Nikon Tech Reps.

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